About The PDX Social History Guide

PDX Social History Guide is a free app and website featuring stories about people and places vital to the city of Portland's cultural heritage. Portland has been home to many ethnic groups and cultures — including Native American, African American, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks and Jews, among others. Because of urban development, some of these communities have little physical remnants of their neighborhoods. Consequently, many visiting Portland for the first time — and even those that have lived here many years — are unaware of the city's history. PDX Social History Guide brings these stories to the surface through interviews, mapping and smart phone technology, as well as a corresponding website.

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About Know Your City

Know Your City is a nonprofit organization that connects people to place. To fulfill our mission, we organize tours, lectures, publications and youth programs. Our programs engage the public through experiential learning, creative placemaking, policy-making and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the app come out?

The app is now available on the App Store!

Are you releasing the source code for this project?

Yes, the source code for both the website and the app is available on GitHub.

I saw a bug or something didn't work as expected. What do I do?

Send us an email.

How can I help?

We're seeking donations to continue the project, and volunteers to help us continue the research, editing, and testing process. We are specifically looking for people with audio editing and research experience. To get involved, send a brief note of inquiry to ask@knowyourcity.org

If you encounter a bug, or have a question about a feature, please send an email to support@pdxsocialhistory.org.

Contact Us

For content questions: feedback@pdxsocialhistory.org

For technical questions: support@pdxsocialhistory.org

To volunteer: volunteer@pdxsocialhistory.org