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Guest Experts

  • Bill Hart
  • Reiko Hillyer
  • Polina Olsen
  • Ed Edmo
  • Doug Kenck-Crispin
  • Jan Dilg
  • George Nicola
  • Ann Mussey
  • Michael Munk

Photo Sources

  • City of Portland Archives
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • Oregon State Historic Preservation Office
  • Oregon Jewish Museum
  • Multnomah County Library
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union, San Francisco Office
  • Portland Development Commission
  • Emery Ingham
  • Madeline Thompson
  • Erin Enos

Mapping Data

  • Central City Concern
  • George Nicola

Licenses & Copyrights

All photos used by permission of the copyright holder displayed in each caption, except for those in the public domain.


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