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LGBT Civil Rights

From the 1970s to Today

Hear George Nicola share intriguing stories about the history of Portland's LGBT community. Nicola's stories cover topics such as the birth of Oregon's gay liberation front, the LGBT's struggle to gain civil rights within the community, history of the numerous gay bars along SW Stark street, and the LGBT resource center known as The Q Center.

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Gay Bars of SW Stark Street

A lively street scene during the 1990s

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The First Step Towards Openness

The founding of Portland's Gay Liberation Front

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The Miracle on the Willamette

Taking pride in the accomplishments of the LGBT community

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Q Center

A place the LGBT community can call home

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Lobbying for Civil Rights in 1973

The first gay civil rights bill in the Oregon legislature

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The Willamette Bridge Office

The newspaper that gave birth to the Portland Gay Liberation Front

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What's Changed in 43 Years?

Complacency and Change

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Oregon's LGBT Movement

Oregon's distinctive LGBT movement