Grizzly Bear and Coyote

A smaller animal can outsmart a larger one

Edmo shares one of many legends he learned as a boy growing up on the Columbia which features a grizzly bear and a coyote, both endemic to the Pacific Northwest. In the story, both animals fight and the smaller animal, the coyote, manages to defeat the larger opponent, the grizzly bear.

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As Told By...

Ed Edmo


Ed Edmo is a Shoshone-Bannock poet, playwright, performer, traditional storyteller, tour guide and lecturer on Northwest tribal culture. Ed offers guided tours to the She Who Watches petroglyphs on the Columbia Gorge, as well as to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in central Oregon's high desert country. Ed conducts workshops, traditional storytelling performances, dramatic monologues and lectures on such issues as cultural understanding and awareness, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health. He is a published short story writer, poet and playwright, and serves as a consultant to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.