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Native Stories

From Celilo Falls to Oregon City

Edmo takes us through local Native American history, telling intriguing stories of the Columbia River and light-hearted, local Native legends. Edmo also talks about his personal life and his unfortunate encounters with racism/ discrimination and the many political and civil rights actions he has undertaken to make living better for the Native American community.

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On the Wall Street of the Columbia

Betting, trading, and everyday storytelling as a Shoshone-Bannock Native America

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Grizzly Bear and Coyote

A smaller animal can outsmart a larger one

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A Boy in the Dalles, A Man on Burnside

Edmo's personal stories of alcohol, discrimination in school, movie theaters, and on the streets

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Occupation, A Long Time Before Occupy

Political action by native people during the 1970s

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She Who Watches

A petroglyph near the Dalles