Occupation, A Long Time Before Occupy

Political action by native people during the 1970s

Edmo details numerous political actions he and friends undertook during the 1970s. These included cutting down a sign from a Portland storefront on McLoughlin Blvd. which callously misused Native American iconography in a degrading way, and occupying Camp Adair a.k.a. "Camp Wounded Kenne" (outside of Corvallis) when the VA refused to follow through on agreement to cede unused military base land to be used for a Native American studies center. His stories are but one part of the continued strife that Natives must deal with while living in the Pacific Northwest.

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Ed Edmo


Ed Edmo is a Shoshone-Bannock poet, playwright, performer, traditional storyteller, tour guide and lecturer on Northwest tribal culture. Ed offers guided tours to the She Who Watches petroglyphs on the Columbia Gorge, as well as to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in central Oregon's high desert country. Ed conducts workshops, traditional storytelling performances, dramatic monologues and lectures on such issues as cultural understanding and awareness, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health. He is a published short story writer, poet and playwright, and serves as a consultant to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.