Restoration to Glory

Rejuvenating, renovating, and restoring the Golden West

Hart explains more about various renovation projects that have been taking place at the hotel.

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Bill Hart

Bill Hart, AIA, is a founding partner in Carleton Hart Architecture PC, a Portland architecture and planning firm, established in 1994. The firm is responsible for extensive renovation work on the Goldenwest Hotel. Bill has over thirty-five years of domestic and international architectural experience and maintains an expertise in the management of complex projects. Bill is the firm’s sustainable design leader, with a strong interest in passive and active solar systems as well as historic preservation.

More Information:

Central City Concern: The Golden West Hotel

Central City Concern's online site supplies information about the hotel's history with text, pictures, and oral histories. Some of the information on this website is also available directly outside the Golden West Hotel, on the corner of NW Broadway and Everett. Read More