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Magic Gardens

Image: Madeline Thompson (Used by permission)

A Place to Just Be

Portland's lesbian bar culture

Ann Mussey talks about the how the lesbian bars in Portland serve as a significant place for lesbians to feel a sense of community and belonging rather than alienation. She talks about bars such as Dinty Moore's and the Magic Gardens.

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Ann Mussey

Assistant Professor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Portland State University

Ann Mussey is a tenure-line faculty in Women' Studies. She received her doctorate in U.S. History with a specialty in women's history from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in 2001. Her research has evolved from historical queries about the social construction of lesbian subjectivity in twentieth-century U.S. to questions about the complex relationships between sexuality, citizenship, and the nation state. She teaches topics related to feminist theory, queer studies, and the history of sexuality. She is currently working on a book entitled Perversion and Power: Lesbians and the Sciences of Sexuality, 1920-1970. In her free time, you will find her working in the garden, watching old movies, playing with the family pooches, and digging the sunset.

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