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The church as it appeared in 1904

Image: City of Portland Archives, A2004-002.202 (Used by permission)

Women's Suffrage Movement's Progress in the West by 1905

Portland and First Congregational Church Chosen To Host Annual Convention

By the the 20th century, several western states passed women's suffrage. The National American Women's Suffrage Association (NAWSA) decided to assemble in a Western city to draw attention to those gains at its 1905 annual convention; Portland was selected to be the 1905 convention's host city and the First Congregational Church was chosen as the convention's meeting place.

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Jan Dilg

Adjunct Instructor

Portland State University

Website: Century of Action: Oregon Women Vote, 1912-2012

Janice Dilg grew up in the original Northwest—Ohio—and moved to the New Northwest—Oregon—in 1977. After apprenticing for 3 years, she became a journeywoman cabinetmaker and woodworker for a decade. In 2001, she earned an MA in history from Portland State University, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest, women’s history, oral history, and legal history. Janice was the Project Director for the Century of Action: Oregon Women Vote, 1912-2012, teaches the Monumental Women Senior Capstone at PSU, and is the oral historian for the U.S. District Court of Oregon Historical Society Oral History Project. She was a founding member of the Oregon Women’s History Consortium, and the Northwest History Network, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of both organizations.

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