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Women's History

Suffrage and the Portland Women's Club

Listen to stories, as told by Jan Dilg, on women's history here in Oregon. Hear stories about the women's suffrage movement in Oregon, the Portland Women's Club, the 1905 Women's Suffrage Convention held in Portland, and how women suffrage leaders such as Abigail Scott Duniway and Susan B. Anthony made major marks in this important history.

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The First Congregational Church

The Church Played Key Role in Women's Suffrage Movement

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A Link to the Past

The Portland Women's Club Cornerstone

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Women's Suffrage Movement's Progress in the West by 1905

Portland and First Congregational Church Chosen To Host Annual Convention

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Abigail Scott Duniway

The Mother of Oregon Women's Suffrage

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A Casual Stroll by the First Congregational Church

There's more than great architecture here

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Happenings at the Portland Women's Club Clubhouse

The Clubhouse Hosted PWC Business and Public Events